Burger King


Chicken Fries




Gold and Silver Effie Awards 2016


"Communicate the Chicken Fries arrival in Brazil."


Chicken Fries was already a success in USA but almost no one knew about the product in Brazil.
It was mandatory to adapt the global creative ad but in addition to that we decided to create a story around the Chicken Fries arrival in Brazil in addition to generating talkability and engagement reinforcing Burger King positioning as being a "cool" brand amongst young adults.


The idea was to show the first chicken migration in History. For this, the campaign was divided in three phases, adapting the content according to each channel.

1. Teaser
Twitter: Develop a boarding diary to tell the story about the chicken migration. We divided the content per day with the intentions to generate talkability and explore the trajectory of the chicken travel from USA to Brazil in real-time.

2. Launch
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, OOH, influencers: Promote the chicken (main campaign asset) takeover in different channels respecting the role of each platform and launch the product.

3. Sustain
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, influencers: Maintain the chicken presence with tailored content continuing the conversation with the chicken communicating to more niched target generating differentiation and relevance.

4. Chicken Farewell
When the promotion was over, the chicken did a live stream packing up to go back to USA. The target audience members expressed sadness asking it to stay.


The interaction was so good that the chicken became friends with the target!

The way we adapted the global campaign to the young audience using local slangs made Burger King closer to the target making the brand more relevant.

  • The campaign had more than 21M views - almost three times more of what is was planned.

  • 1M views in less than 12 hours - the lowest cost per view in the history of Burger King.

  • More than 41M people were impacted in Brazil.

  • 25M impacts in PR.

  • 62% of target coverage.

  • 25% sales growth.

  • More than 3.5K hashtag mentions (#chickenfries).

  • Product sold out way before planned!


Effie Awards - 2016
Gold - Category: Product Launch
Silver - Category: Commerce and Retail