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#PPKsemtabu/ #MakeVajayOkay




2 Silver - Effie Awards Brazil 2020

Finalist - CCSP 2020

Finalist - Effie Awards LatAm 2020


"Get women to buy Canesten when they first experience thrush symptons by convincing them that Canesten is the go to brand when it come to women intimate health."


Gyno-Canesten’s brand purpose is “In a world of social pressure and judgment, we exist to empower people to feel comfortable in their skin.” but it was not being reflected in their communication. The brand wasn’t close or had a connection with women.
We knew that in order to strengthen Gyno-Canesten’s bond with women in Brazil we had to take a different approach.

To do so, we decided to understand how women relate to their bodies, especially their intimate health. The further we deep dived, the more we realized where Gyno-Canesten could take a stand and help women demystify their bodies. 


By developing a detailed experience map and interviewing several women, we understood that ever since they were children, they were discouraged from knowing their bodies - “take your hands out of there”. The way people refer to the vagina is through cute nicknames, which helps with distancing themselves from their bodies. As adults and young adults, the vagina becomes a part of the body to be hidden and censored. In schools, the moment that should be about sexual/intimate health education becomes a moment of fear and shame. As they grow, they do not usually go to the gynecologist for prevention, but treatment.

Because of that, when they experience vaginal discomfort for the first time, it is as if a world of doubt and insecurity has entered their head. They start doubting their partners, feeling dirty, annoyed, worried, and blaming themselves for what they think they might have done wrong. As if having discomfort wasn’t something common in women. Moreover, they didn’t know how to what causes discomfort, how to identify it, and how to treat it, and for that, their safe space is the internet.

Insight “Talking about the vagina always seemed to be forbidden, today I don’t understand my body.”

With those findings, we had the opportunity to raise a flag and occupy the women’s intimate health territory that goes beyond the condition and symptoms. We had to help women understand where problems could be arising from: their vaginas.

Also, we had to change the brand voice, from having an attempt of a speech closer to the woman, but it’s a little harsh and artificial to a transparent, straight forward tone of voice, addressing the topics without much filter to push women to break more taboos towards their health.



We had to take a more significant step and change our point of view on intimate health and have a strong strategic platform.

Demystifying the vagina is the first step to change the way women understand and see their bodies - and also other people’s bodies.

Now, it was not only about being women’s first choice when it comes to thrush. It was about becoming the brand that deeply understands their feelings and minimizes the frictions of the journey. As a consequence, they would recognize Gyno-Canesten as a partner and a brand that they can trust if they have any doubts about their bodies.

To make it happen, we intend to establish a two-way conversation:

Address issues that are taboo educate women about their vagina (through the product itself) and encourage women to share their fears so they can feel good physically and emotionally. 

#PPKsemtabu" (#MakeVajayOkay)

A movement for women to openly talk about the health of their vajayjays. 


The brand broke with the historical codes of a very traditional category, reinvented its own language and proved that breaking the taboo, in the end, is the best medicine.

The manifesto video had more than 19MM views. Gino-Canesten had the biggest market share in the history of the brand. Record sales. Bayer's campaign is the most relevant in the world, according to Google.