Product Development and Strategy








"Design a product that would help people
with facial blindness (neurodiverse) to have
an innovative gig experience."


Prosopagnosia, known as facial blindness, is a neurodiverse trait that affects nearly 1.5 million people in the UK. People with facial blindness have difficulty recognizing faces, even if they are familiar ones. Because the term was introduced fairly recently, there is limited exposure and awareness of this condition. This often results in misunderstanding, or even frustration, for people interacting with someone who has facial blindness.


Over a three week period, we conducted interviews with 3 experts and five in-depth interviews with people with prosopagnosia. We created user personas to build empathy and better understand what the user was feeling. We also created a user journey to highlight the painpoints and magical moments when going to a gig.

  • We found out that the majority of people never heard of it before which brings anxiety for people who has the condition.

  • People who has the condition developed different recognition techniques but they are not always reliable as people change appearances regularly.

  • They always have to rely on people they trust, this means they are very dependent.

Based on our findings from user research, we reframed our main challenge:
Create an empathetic society and help people with facial blindness feel included.


For this we needed to created a solution, which focused on two aspects:

Awareness Campaign - to make people understand what it feels like to have facial blindness and encourage people with the condition to tell their stories and be part of the campaign we will create a facial blindness day (First time "prosopagnosia" name was used) (Target: neurotypical)

ReMeet - mobile app that helps people with facial blindness find and recognize their friends reducing their dependency on others. (Target: neurodiverse)

  • uses geolocation to identify a user's contacts that are in close proximity

  • user can click on an individual's profile and input notes that would help to identify someone. [people with prosopagnosia rely on other factors to recognize a person - hairstyle, jewelry, personal style]

  • rings to show that a friend is nearby - When a contact is in close proximity, the app will notify the user with a customized notification for that particular person.