The Perfect Gift


Brazil and US


"Handmade Ideas" message in the end of the year for the Christmas clutter. This message should communicate the essence of the positioning, and inspire people to handcraft their gifts.


Faber-Castell is a 254-year old brand that is loved for being associated to the true cultural values of Self-Expression, Parental Relationships, and Companionship. In Brazil, its brand positioning is based on a product insight - all its products, from colored pencils to children's toys, demand people's hands to be used; and on a human truth - when we do things with our own hands, we feel more creative. That's why since 2013 Faber-Castell signs off its campaigns with the already consecrated tagline "Handmade Ideas".


We started thinking very broad about this period of the year when everyone is willing to buy gifts to people who they are related to. We go out to shop that perfect gift to that person. But in today's world full of connections and with lack of deep relationships, exchanging gifts became as meaningless as exchanging likes, comments, shares. As days go by, we want to exchange things that feel more personal, customized. That's the tension we wanted to picture in our idea.


When you do things by hand, you express that you care. So when you give someone a hand crafted product, you're saying that you took time to do that. You dedicated yourself to come up with something that is tailored for that person. In the context of the end of the year, a handmade gift not only carries a more personal meaning - it never loses its value. While a garment can shrink or become old fashioned, handmade gifts last forever.


In today's communications scenario saying things is never enough. You need to deliver, to do, to make happen, to prove. And that's what we did. Through this project, we proved the power of handmade gifts, the ones that truly connect people, and inspire them to share through their hands more of what they really feel.